Flamenco Guitar Fundamentals


Flamenco Guitar Fundamentals is a comprehensive foundations course by atrafanaSchool. It covers the all the absolute essentials of flamenco guitar technique via lectures, demonstrations and drills. Each lecture is slowly and carefully narrated by Orhan in plain English. Captions are also added to each video to make sure you understand everything. There are 8 sections containing 38 video lessons, plus tabs where relevant.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone looking to improve their technique, or fix errors, you can simply fire up this course and follow it from beginning to end. Flamenco Guitar Fundamentals also includes the entire 101 series and its tabs under the “supplementary” section.

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Syllabus for Flamenco Guitar Fundamentals:

1 - Left Hand

  • Placing fingers on frets - angle of attack - placement of the thumb
  • Hammering exercise with slide
  • Hammering exercise with pull offs

2 - Picado and tone

  • Nails and basic rest stroke mechanisms
  • Basic chromatic study and tabs
  • Picado in the first position
  • E phrygian scale - what to do with the thumb
  • Incorporating thumb into picado - basic sideways thumb use
  • Melody on e and b strings with a single bass note
  • Dynamic thumb management and thumb free stroke

3 - Free Stroke

  • Basic free stroke and tone production
  • Free stroke in the first position
  • Incorporating sideways thumb with free stroke
  • Free stroke and thumb melody
  • Free stroke and thumb rest stroke on adjacent strings

4 - Arpeggio

  • Ami arpeggio on open strings - planting drill
  • Thumb positioning - amiP arpeggio drill in the 1st position
  • Incorporating the thumb into arpeggio - P ami - using the thumb nail
  • Pimami sextuplet drill in the 1st position - resting thumb on the side of index
  • Incorporating picado into arpeggio - ami drill with a playing rest stroke
  • Exercise - Thumb and a rest stroke during arpeggio

5 - Tremolo

  • Flamenco tremolo basics - thumb placement - practising with staccato
  • Tremolo with thumb melody
  • Tremolo with finger melody
  • Incorporating trills into tremolo

6 - Pulgar

  • Pulgar basics - wrist twitch - sweeping - golpe
  • Pulgar exercise in the 1st position
  • P i technique
  • PPi technique
  • Pulgar upstroke

7 - Alzapua

  • Basic alzapua mechanics - the upstroke - incorporating golpe
  • Alzpua exercise in the 1st position
  • 4-note effect in alzapua

8 - Rasgueado

  • index strum basics - golpe
  • ami rasgueado with i up - simple exercise in verdiales
  • camii rasgueado - simple exercise in solea
  • ai i rasgueado, simple exercise in tangos
  • P a i abanico
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Flamenco Guitar Fundamentals

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